Bug Report

[] Kingdom hole 5 funnel bug [Bug Report] (2)
[] Slot Machines poorly lit [Bug Report] (6)
[] Dragon and knight kill each other [Bug Report] (5)
[] Bowling Ball clipping under the floor [Bug Report] (2)
[] Light Box Circle incorrect description [Bug Report] (3)
[] Apply spin before rolling the bowling ball [Bug Report] (4)
[] Person in bowling wasn't sitting on the couch [Bug Report] (2)
[] Settings does not show the current resolution [Bug Report] (5)
[] Weird Water Bug [Bug Report] (3)
Apply spin before rolling the ball [Bug Report] (3)
[] Bugged Timers in Plaza [Bug Report] (5)
Virus:Overtime, Very dark [Bug Report] (5)
[] Well this is not a bug but i don't no where to put it called SAM its a cheat [Bug Report] (11)
[] Unable to use any "weapon" in the Plaza or Condos [Bug Report] (11)
[] Soda Machine Custom Texture Resetting Bug [Bug Report] (4)
[] When sitting as skeleton bottom of spine breaks?!? [Bug Report] (9)
[] Laser Tag- Some of the arena's "triangles" behave differently [Bug Report] (2)
[] Laser Tag- the Out of power countdown ocassionaly breaks [Bug Report] (2)
[] Laser Tag- the recharging stations can't be seen through walls [Bug Report] (2)
[] Bed model clipping [Bug Report] (4)
[] Throwing Knives and Throwing Cleavers get caught on an invisible barrier below the Ceiling Fan [Bug Report] (4)
[] Trees of a certain type in House always use highest LOD [Bug Report] (3)
[5.1.0] monorail underneath has no hitbox [Bug Report] (2)
[] Virus - The Silencer doesn't have a firerate limit [Bug Report] (6)
[] Bush lighting bug [Bug Report] (3)
[] Wood Paths at the Beach Houses Break if You're Too Far Away [Bug Report] (3)
[] Casino Sign Levitation Trick (more magic, not a bug) [Bug Report] (6)
A Bunch of Irritating light bugs [Bug Report] (7)
[] Plaza Arcade Sign Anti-gravity bug [Bug Report] (7)
[] Plaza fountain levitation trick [Bug Report] (2)